The Road We’re On

Bridgeville, home to the oldest Chevy dealership in America, is a town still deeply connected to the auto maker. We made an episodic documentary telling the stories of the people who grew up, side by side, with Chevrolet.

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The Road Series














A collaboration with Academy Award winning producer Fisher Stevens to create a three-act narrative for Bon Jovi’s album What About Now that blurs the line between music video and feature film.

Bon Jovi

Because We Can Performance

Because We Can, Act 1

What About Now, Act 2

I’m With You, Epilogue


What happens when a person is broken? Can they be fixed? These films by VGS look into the world of correctional facilities — the prisoners and the people who are dedicated to helping them break the cycle of being a broken member of society.

Learn by Heart

Wheelchairs with Purpose

Out Of The Wood Work

Room to Bloom