MINTED the award-winning design marketplaces is a business close to our hearts, after all they crowd source some of the world’s best artists to make unique items for their customers. We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with them on several projects and are excited for the upcoming innovative projects. Keep your eyes out as we roll out the next.

Minted Art Styling

The Minted 50


Check out The Minted 50, Project #2.

Another collaboration with Minted, this time the much-hyped Minted 50. The puzzle that needed to be solved was to create something that communicated the breadth of Minted’s design well beyond their stationery and weddings. We wanted to let the world know about their art, textile, and home expertise. And of course to showcase the size and experience of their world-class artists and designers.

In collaboration with creative Andy Spade and Minted, the marketplace for the world’s best emerging artists, we launched the Minted 50: a series of 50 design projects by 50 independent artists and creatives over 50 days.

The Minted 50 celebrates design and independent creators, including influencers and artists and members of the Minted community of artists. The campaign featured a unique project each day for 50 days, ranging from portraiture and films to interior design and prose. At the end of 50 days, all of the projects were exhibited at our gallery in New York City, and are being auctioned off to benefit RxArt, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help children heal through the extraordinary power of visual art.

Website Design – Check it out here, The Minted 50

A few of our Favorites

Gallery Show & Event Night


The Minted Box Project

Check out The Box Project, Project #1.

We had a great time sourcing designs from Minted designers for the inside of a shipping box. We used these designs to line the inside of the boxes and sent them all around the world. It was a great surprise for customers and we had a lot of fun doing it.

The Art


#Mintedbox Videos


Storefront Installation

Minted Anthem